Sticky Mats Perth

sticky mats perth

Sticky Mats Perth

Organic IT Services currently service the data centre cleaning requirements in Perth for BHP Billiton, QEII Children’s Hospital, Shell Australia and CSIRO. After every data centre clean, we install our quality Sticky Mats Perth inside the doorways of the data centres and FCR’s to ensure the floor areas stay as dust-free as possible for as long as possible. Most of our mats last for between three and six months in these areas.

Our sticky mats are specifically designed to collect up to 99.9% of contaminant particles from the soles of every shoe entering your cleanroom environment. Our sticky mats have a strong adhesive that removes dirt on contact, ensuring your data centre or cleanroom stays contaminant free for longer.  Each mat has 30 disposable sheets.  When the top sheet becomes soiled, one of your teams simply peels off the top layer to expose a brand new sticky layer surface.

The back of each 30-layer mat sticks to floor to keep the mat in place. Our Sticky Mats Perth do not require a frame to keep them in position.

Our Sticky Mats Perth are made from 2mm polyethylene sheet and are anti-static, non-allergenic, do not contain an odour and will not age.

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In most cases we can deliver the mats to your premises within 24 hours.

We are the Number 1 Sticky Mats Perth suppliers, currently supplying sticky mats for companies like BHP, Shell Australia, CSIRO, Dampier Bunbury Pipeline…