Data Centre Cleaning Perth

Data Centre Cleaning Perth

server rack anti static cleaning perthOrganic IT Services are your preferred Data Centre Cleaning Perth specialists. We are a locally owned and run company, currently trusted to service many large oil and mining companies, as well as many local government buildings.

Our current clients include:

  • BHP Billiton
  • Shell Australia
  • CSIRO,
  • QEII (Queen Elizabeth II Hospital for Children)
  • Red Cross (Wellington Street, Perth)
  • DBP (Dampier Bunbury Pipeline)
  • BGC Contracting
  • Vocus Communications (iiNet Servers)
  • Byrnecut Mining
  • Murray Engineering

During 2015, we have worked alongside the following reputable companies:

  • John Holland Group
  • Schneider Electric
  • Airlite Group
  • GJK Facility Services

Organic IT Services pride ourselves in making your company a priority, being highly available and extremely reliable.

We can provide you with a professional corporate proposal, including scope of work, method of works and pricing, usually within 48 hours after a site visit.

Why does my business need Data Centre Cleaning?

The need to prevent and remove contamination inside Data Centres (computer rooms) is directly related to preventing downtime and increasing the performance and reliability of your Data Centre’s data processing equipment. Organic IT Services realises the importance of proactively managing Data Centre cleaning to ensure your business never suffers any Data Centre disruption. Disruption can lead to unscheduled downtime, which can lead to huge potential lost revenue for your business.

Initial Onsite Survey

As part of our proposal process, we visit your site and discuss requirements with your IT representative, providing customised input into the scope of your IT cleaning.

Example of our work

Please find an example of our specialised IT cleaning work as featured in the picture below. (click for greater detail)

Data Centre Cleaning Perth


All Organic IT Data Centre Cleaning Perth employees meet the following criteria:

  • Australian Federal Police criminal record check
  • Carry Organic IT Services photo ID at all times
  • Wear company-appropriate and identifiable attire
  • Provide a site-specific Risk Assessment prior to beginning work
  • Are covered by a current $10 million public liability insurance policy


All Organic IT Cleaning employees meet the following criteria:

  • ISO 14644 Cleanroom and Data Centre Cleaning qualified
  • White Card holders
  • Attend comprehensive staff training onsite for new clients
  • Attend and pass all inductions prior to working on new sites
  • Undergo regular health, fitness, drug and alcohol testing
  • Undergo routine performance audits in areas such as cleaning technique, equipment, presentation and knowledge base


Organic IT Services recommends you have your own IT Representative audit the quality of our cleaning services periodically, but be rest assured, we perform our own regular audits on our own cleaning staff regularly to ensure the highest of standards.

Air Particle Reading

The only way to prove your Data Centre is clean according to Standards Australia and Sun Microsystems is to have a professional air particulate measurement test done. We perform Air Particulate measuring and reporting to certify the level of dust particulates in your data centre are at safe levels according to the international ISO 14644 cleanroom standards.

Our Data Centre Cleaning Services include:

  • Raised Floor Surface Cleaning

Includes cleaning the surface of the raised floor panels. Performed monthly, this service includes vacuuming and damp mopping the floor surface with cleaning chemicals approved for use in Data Centre environments. Organic IT Services use only the most advanced vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters. This ensures your Data Centre is free of dust and contamination to ISO 14644 Standards Australia and Sun Microsystems standards.

  • Exterior Equipment Surface Cleaning

Includes monthly cleaning of the exterior surface of cabinets, equipment and workstations by vacuuming where applicable with critical filtered vacuums, and then wiped clean with an approved anti-static cleaner approved for use in Data Centre environments.

  • Interior Server Cabinet Cleaning

Includes quarterly cleaning of the surface of the server cabinet doors, server exhaust fans, and surfaces of the servers inside the cabinet. Surfaces are vacuumed with critical filtered vacuums and then wiped clean using an approved anti-static cleaner approved for use in Data Centre environments.

  • Cables and Cable Trays

Includes detailed vacuuming and cleaning with specialised anti-static hand towels of cables and overhead cable trays.

  • Ceiling Cleaning

Includes quarterly overhead cleaning by either vacuuming above the drop ceiling tiles by using critical filter vacuums in compliance with recognised standards for cleaning Data Centres, and / or vacuuming and wiping clean overhead raceways with an approved anti-static cleaner approved for use in Data Centre environments.

  • Anti-Static Floor Finishing

Includes applying an approved anti-static floor finish to non-raised floor surfaces to prevent dangerous static build-up. Manufacturers of high pressure laminated (HPL) access floor panels strongly recommend never to apply floor wax to the surface of the access floor panels. Performed quarterly.

  • Subfloor (Plenum) Surface Cleaning

Includes vacuuming the concrete subfloor using specialised critical filter vacuums in compliance with recognised standards for Data Centre Cleaning Perth services. Performed annually, this service removes contamination from your subfloor to eliminate the build-up of particulate that can be carried into your room’s air flow and cause downtime inside your equipment.

  • Airborne Particulate Count Sampling

Includes a sampling of airborne particulates within your Data Centre utilising a laser particle counter. Particulate sampling is an indicator of airborne contamination and is the only way to prove your Data Centre meets ISO Data Centre cleanroom standards.

  • Post-Construction Cleaning

If your Data Center has undergone expansion or is brand new, we can offer a comprehensive clean before your valuable IT equipment is installed. In 2015, we have performed post-construction data centre cleaning for BHP Billiton, QEII Children’s Hospital and the new Shell Australia headquarters in Kings Square, Perth.