Data Centre Cleaning Adelaide & Darwin

Data Centre Cleaning: Adelaide and Darwin

Data centre facilities require specialised, frequent cleaning programs to maintain a spotless, dust-free environment. Organic IT Services offer ultimate contamination control and maintenance programs to suit your critical Adelaide and Darwin Data Centre cleaning specifications.

Our experienced Data Centre Cleaners and Air Particulate Measurement professionals use HEPA filtered vacuuming equipment and specialist anti-static cleaning products to service your computer room and subfloor areas to completely eliminate all traces of dust particulates greater than 0.03 microns in size.

All exposed surfaces are vacuumed and hand wiped with anti-static cloths, including server racks, cables and cable trays, light fittings and ledges. We clean the subfloor area and hidden cable trays. We only use our specialised imported Anti-Static cleaning equipment as recommended by Sun Microsystems and Standards Australia, ensuring we adhere to data centre cleaning ISO 14644 standards.

Organic IT Services can prepare a detailed proposal and scope of works generally within 48 hours of a site visit. We prefer to visit your site, no matter where it is in Australia, before we submit our proposal. Same-day return flights are not too expensive in Australia and many of our clients have found it very worthwhile flying us out for a few hours to ensure the submitted proposal is correct the first time, which usually means there will be no variations as the project draws to its conclusion.

We specialise in cleaning computer rooms and data centres in Adelaide and Darwin. Our Scope Of Works include timelines, pricing, cleaning reports and final air particle certification according to ISO 14644-1 standards. Air particulate measurement reporting and certification in Adelaide and Darwin is an optional extra service, which can prove you meet international Data Centre cleaning standards according to Sun Microsystems and Standards Australia.

Our computer room and Data Centre Cleaning services in Adelaide and Darwin are designed and programmed to suit your maintenance requirements, time-lines and individual room or installation specifications.

For new Data Centre buildings that have recently been built in Adelaide or Darwin, we also provide a specialised post-construction clean. Included in this Data Centre Builders Clean, we run Air Scrubbing units which refresh an entire standard rooms dust levels every fifteen minutes as we clean.

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