Data Centre Air Particle Monitoring and Testing

Organic IT Services provide Data Centre Air Particle Monitoring and Testing Australia-wide.

We provide professional air particulate measurement reports and certificates on completion of our specialist cleans, or as a stand-alone service.


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Airborne contamination in your data centre or critical cleanroom environment is a hazard.

The longer you take to manage airborne contamination in your data centre or cleanroom environment, the greater the chance you will experience machine failure or malfunction. It is not a matter of if, but when. The concentrations of airborne molecular contaminants must be controlled in order to eliminate this risk.

Over a short period of time (sometimes as little as 2 years), particulates have the ability to clog up airflow, causing servers and machines to overheat. Let’s not forget that a bunch of 0.5 micron dust particles (100 times thinner than a strand of hair) have the ability to find their way behind fibre-optic cable connections, clump together, and block the transfer of critical data.

The services and products we provide not only enhance the quality of the air in your data centre or critical cleanroom environment, but ensure your equipment last longer and performs exactly as it was intended.

air monitoring perthWe are specialists in the field of data centre and cleanroom indoor air quality and indoor air quality measuring and testing in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide and Darwin.

Air sampling and testing can be a complicated science. Sophisticated and accurately calibrated meters and air sampling equipment are required. Our equipment is NATA calibrated every year. This sophisticated equipment requires experienced technicians in the field of data centre and cleanroom critical environmental science to ensure that the results obtained are accurate and interpreted correctly.

We are passionate about particulate measuring, testing, reporting and certifying. Understanding the behaviour and complexity of air quality in data centres and cleanroom environments gives our staff a uniquely distinctive edge in working out the simplest and most effective ways to resolve any problems discovered.

We provide professional air testing and measurement reporting according to various ISO standards Australia-wide.

With ISO 14644 considered the international industry standard in data centre, computer room and critical cleanroom environments, air-quality testing is the gauge to verify whether the standards have been met. Many server and machine manufactures strongly recommend compliance with these standards to ensure their supplied equipment has the best chance of performing at optimal levels. Ensuring your air quality is maintaining ISO 14644 airborne contamination standards is the best way to prove to your clients that you are successful in the day to day running of your data centre or cleanroom environment.

We are available to improve your air-quality, by performing a specialised data centre or cleanroom clean. Then we prove your air-quality meets the appropriate ISO standards in your industry.

The air quality in your data centre or cleanroom can fluctuate depending on various factors.

  • How often is the room experiencing human traffic?
  • How often are works taking place?
  • How efficient is your air conditioners filtration system?
  • Do you use air scrubbers when repair or upgrade work is taking place?

Regular air-quality testing can not only reveal the best time to schedule maintenance cleans in your data centre or cleanroom, but can also help you detect defects in your room or air conditioning equipment.

We take numerous readings at specific points depending on the size of the room. We count the concentrations of particles of three sizes, ranging from 0.5 to 5.0 microns throughout the environment. When the air-quality test has been completed we issue an air particulate measurement certificate, detailing your compliance to international data centre or cleanroom standards according to your industry specifications. This information can prove you have a safe environment, or help you understand how to improve the air-quality and help you to establish sources of contamination.